Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Baïkonour - Catalina Island

This photo is from a flight I took from Los Angeles to San Francisco...that would be Catalina Island out of my window. When I was a we'en my mom used to take me there on a little prop plane that would land on the water...I was quite into that...spectacular fun for a young'n. My friends Darren and Megan are getting married amongst that mist sometime this summer. I haven't been there in a good 10 years, but the thought of returning to this groovy little island fills me with nostalgia. Below here is a picture of my man Darren rolling a joint for us in Las Vegas.

Darren, as you can see, does some very nice handy work. We'll done old chap...

Todays selection is from Baikonour...a very talented feller from Brighton. It sounds like Ash Ra Tempel, but apparently he does all the music himself. The stuff is epic. Buy HIS RECORD

It's an evocative enough title and the debut by one-man band Baikonour, aka Jean-Emmanuel Krieger, does its best to live up to it. The space race theme in band and album name, not to mention cover art, hits the ground running with the washes of feedback tone starting "Lick Lokoum," finding a midway point between proto-new age à la Ash Ra Tempel and Jean Michel Jarre, and more modern exponents of meditative drone. But right when you think this album is easily pegged, guest drummer Lee Adams brings in a combination soul/Krautrock stomp for "Coltan Anyone?." From there, For the Lonely Hearts of the Cosmos creates a collage of a '70s dreamscape that never quite was, mixing short fragments with longer compositions. Some of the huge guitar textures contributed by Etienne Rodes replicate the equally awe-inspiring work of Manuel Goettsching, but there's a careful, fluid variety in the core electronic arrangements by Krieger that keeps the album from being simple cloning. Song titles like "Rusk Plasmique" and "Oben Beg (Mk 2)" (easily one of the album highlights, as well) suggest a certain pan-European otherworldliness matched by the music, furthered by the hints of futuristic pastoral that crop up -- check out the simple but effective guitar melody at the heart of "Hoku to Shin Ken." Krieger's skill lies in part not only with his ear for good textures but in getting his guest performers to do their stuff -- thus, the familiar enough but still snarling guitar/drum jam at the heart of "Proto-Coeur" gives him a base to build on, and when a shimmering, heavenly drone cuts in and out of the mix, the effect is both beautiful and suddenly disorienting. "2/3/74" plies a similar path, with Krieger's keyboard parts and some buried, whisper-barked vocals finding a surprisingly effective halfway point between Stevie Wonder and Can.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

two for tennis, tonight

This here is Tim and I up in the studio. Pop round for a visit if your so inspired. We are located on 1st avenue between 1st and 2nd door to Lil' Frankies. If you've been listening to the show (LISTEN HERE)
You know the psychedelic aural treats that can bedazzle the listener. Our show is from 8-10PM. Remember the two for tennis guarantee: if you bring down your own music to the studio, we will stop everything and put it on immediately. Just the sort of chaps we are. Stay tuned also for the two for tennis freakout, ususally occuring around 9:30 and lasting about 20 minutes....its like gazing into the sun and hearing the angel trumpets sound. Tonight we have alot of new music in the mystery sack... one possible such diddy is this number:

Rolf & Joachim Kuhn and the Mad Rockers - Funny Bird

As solo artists these brothers are prolific, with their roots in free jazz; they created a unique fusion that spawned this ahead of its time track. Utilising electric clarinet and heavy organ in conjunction with innovative arrangements, they shaped what would later be termed Krautrock.

This selection is from THIS amazing record.

Monday, November 28, 2005

This city too hot...

November 28th? We'll I'll be... It's in the 60's outdise. This picture was taken a few Novembers ago from my old roof in Williamsburg. Thats more like it. I was in Montreal this weekend...amazing place. Good bagles, friendly folk, clean streets...its like New York without people that make New York suck. Guess its not much like New York then. I did manage to do about 20 hours of driving this weekend and listened to shitloads of new music. Todays majikal selection comes from The Earlies... oh nice.

The Earlies - One of us is dead

A collection of the Earlies' EPs, These Were the Earlies captures the half-Texan, half-English band's spacy yet oddly sentimental sound. Their music has been compared to such genre-defining artists as the Polyphonic Spree, the Flaming Lips, and Mercury Rev, and while there are definite similarities, the Earlies find their own distinctive niche. At times they manage to be even trippier than their influences and peers, concentrating more on atmospheres and elaborate soundscapes than on full-fledged pop songs. Tracks like "Lows" and "Slow Man's Dream" are lush but low-key, and end up being sophisticated, whimsical background music (in the best sense of the term). When the band does touch down and deliver more immediate songs, they're often surprisingly vulnerable, and with far less of the bombast of the aforementioned bands. "Wayward Song" unrepentantly wears its heart on its sleeve, with Brandon Carr whispering "In this life, we love who we can, then they're gone" over gentle pianos, flutes, and bassoon. "Song for #3" is just as sweet, mixing a twinkly melody that sounds like it was lifted from '70s pop with radio static. A jammy, groove-based vibe predominates on tracks like "Morning Wonder," which blends a Krautrock rhythm with a loping spaghetti Western guitar riff, while "The Devil's Country"'s stomping beat, triumphant brass, and free jazz saxophone solos show that even the Earlies' version of rock is more than a little bent. Surprisingly cohesive for an EP collection -- and even more so when you discover that it took years of trans-Atlantic recording to make -- These Were the Earlies is also a strong debut album.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Right through the middle.
The Archdruid is northbound to Veromont and Montreal to give thanks unto the druid gods.
Grant us safe passage in our safe Sweedish vehicle.
Here is two bonus cuts for you to sponge out to while I roll north.

Super Furry Animals - Cloudberries
(if you haven't bought this record yet, you have no thanks to give this Thursday...its fucking amazing)

Ambulance Ltd. - Yoga Means Union

See you Monday

Monday, November 21, 2005

Ode to Best

After decades of serious boozing and tomfoolery with slappers, our hero Geroge Best is in critical condition at a London Hospital. He is on life support and not doing all. No I was not alive in the 60's to watch Geroge terrorize with his clever wingplay, but I have seen enough to be utterly inspired by his style and approach to direct, beautiful, and creative football. He was the first real superstar of the game, and not afraid to enjoy the status. It's too bad he kept on with the boozing, into the seventies he became a bit of a parody of his excessive nature and his exploits overshadowed his genius. At the height of his playing career, an older bellboy at a fashionable hotel in Manchester walked in on our hero sometime in the A.M. with two women in his bed and a bottle of fine champagne...the belboy exclaimed "Geroge, where did it all go wrong...?" Much respect. Get well soon.

Todays selection is for our man Geroge Best
the Dukes of Stratosphere - What in the World.MP3

"I spent a lot of money on booze, birds and fast cars - the rest I just squandered." - Geroge Best

Friday, November 18, 2005

mind your mind

...if you've been listening to the Two For Tennis show recently, you've stumbled quite unprepared into a segment of the 'two for tennis freakout' that takes place from 9:30-9:50 approximately. This is a time for Tim and I to explore our personal headspace. Do tune in for the next installment, won't you.

Here is a sample of one of these illustrious segments:

Tim Lee/Coach MP - freakout segment.MP3

Thursday, November 17, 2005

..little black, little grey

The lady and I resuced these kittens from a life of destitution in an abandoned lot next to a shabby Methodist Church in Brooklyn. With some help from the Urban Cat League
we are attempting to domesticate them for adoption. Email me if you fancy adopting one of these little buggers. Very sweet and a bit spicy. There is also a 6 month old female that we had spayed...she too is very lovely. She is quite shy and needs a patient family. Take a look around your neighborhood...if you see some ferel cats being neglected, consider helping them our or contacting the Urban Cat League, linked above.

Ok, thanks for is some lovely music:

Emmit Rhodes - Love Will Stone You.MP3

Emmit Rhodes, is not unlike a forgotten about lovely is very sad story HERE

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Thomas Brinkmann - The master of cavernous, warm, precise, inventive, beautiful, rib crushing, floor shattering techno is back with an incredible release. LUCKY HANDS is available at the wonderful FORCED EXPOSURE
If your in NY, pick it up at OTHER MUSIC

This album features the amazing vocal stylings of Tusia Beridze

Thomas Brinkmann - Margins.mp3

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Ode to the Real Ale

The Brocket Arms, Ayot St. Lawrence, Hertfordshire - 01438 820250 - T. Wingfield-Digby, Publican
Home of the finest Real Ale, this humble narrator has ever taken in.

Tuesdays are for Real Ale. This is the Two For Tennis credo. After a sweaty two hours of jocking some top hits, my co-host Tim 'love' Lee and I take in a few Real Ales. Best place to find these...err, and us delights is at DBA on first avenue. I'd say the 10 o'clock hour is optimum for Real Ale consumption....chin chin

Todays top hit comes to us from Mogwai. MOGWAI - SECRET PINT.MP3

Monday, November 14, 2005

sonic haze

Try to keep you head together on this one:

Edgar Froese - Specific Gravity.mp3

The only continuing member of the pioneering synthesizer group Tangerine Dream, Edgar Froese also proved to be one of the most ambitious in releasing solo albums alongside the voluminous output of the band. Considered a master of the Mellotron, the early keyboard device (made famous by the Moody Blues) that produced its sound through key-activated tape loops of actual recordings of orchestras, choirs and other acoustic sounds. Though it still drew from TD's trademark sequencer sound, Froese's solo recordings have a more direct and personal quality, and often feature his penchant for rock-style guitar work.

Even while Tangerine Dream was releasing career classics Phaedra and Rubycon during 1974-75, Froese began his solo career with the two records Aqua and Epsilon in Malaysian Pale, quite similar in style to contemporary work by Tangerine Dream. During the rest of the '70s, Froese released four more solo albums during TD's breaks, followed in 1983 by Pinnacles. By that point, Froese was the undisputed leader of Tangerine Dream and could release material which would have appeared as solo work during the previous decade. The 1995 Virgin collection Beyond the Storm summed up his solo career.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

One for the boys...

Ween - Boys Club.mp3

Hey Andrew, Nice Party. This a T.I.P thank you.

Friday, November 11, 2005

grant me this one wish...

No, I will never don Red and play alongside Xabi, Momo, and Stevie in the Liverpool midfield. I will never scale Everest, nor fjord the river Nile. My one desire is for SOMEONE to create a RHUBARB SCONE. That would be simply outstanding. But what to include with the rhubarb...? Nothing too sweet, no strawberry...thats bullshit. Something savory...perhaps a mild cheese. If you have any bright ideas on how I can realize this dream. Please share with the Archdruid.

Todays selection is a real diddy...savory, sour and tasty:
Mary Lou Williams - It Ain't Necessarily So

Oh. I saw Broadcast last night at the strangely labyrinthine Webster hall...what a shithole. Anyway, the video for Tender Buttons is quite viddy it, won't you.


Thursday, November 10, 2005

winter come lately

<--stare at this
listen to this:


Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Si We Dem Nuh Know We?

Ninjaman - Si We Dem Nuh Know We.mp3

This is a pretty good look for Ninjaman...
Eaaarrrmmmee Nowwww

robert wyatt & friends - live at Theatre Royal Drury Lane

This was recorded post-accident, featuring material from his masterpiece Rock Bottom. This band only played this one show. Phenomenal. The CD features a great introduction from the late great John Peel as of Wyatt's best friends until Peel's untimely death earlier in the year. It features Nick Mason of Pink Floyd on drums and Mike Olfield on bass. Epic.

A Last Straw (live).mp3

TIP's at Happy Ending 11/11

Friday Night - TOUCH IT PLAYERS at Happy Ending - 302 Broome St.
Coach MP Messenie / Bruce Force / Tim 'love' Lee

Asparagus - Tunisia.mp3

Asparagus - Tunisia.mp3

This is my latest issue of nonsense. I'm compiling a bunch of tracks that I have finished recently and hope to give them away for free to other bored people with boarderline musical taste. Keep an eye on this site for all sorts of... well, nonsense.