Friday, November 11, 2005

grant me this one wish...

No, I will never don Red and play alongside Xabi, Momo, and Stevie in the Liverpool midfield. I will never scale Everest, nor fjord the river Nile. My one desire is for SOMEONE to create a RHUBARB SCONE. That would be simply outstanding. But what to include with the rhubarb...? Nothing too sweet, no strawberry...thats bullshit. Something savory...perhaps a mild cheese. If you have any bright ideas on how I can realize this dream. Please share with the Archdruid.

Todays selection is a real diddy...savory, sour and tasty:
Mary Lou Williams - It Ain't Necessarily So

Oh. I saw Broadcast last night at the strangely labyrinthine Webster hall...what a shithole. Anyway, the video for Tender Buttons is quite viddy it, won't you.



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