Tuesday, November 29, 2005

two for tennis, tonight

This here is Tim and I up in the studio. Pop round for a visit if your so inspired. We are located on 1st avenue between 1st and 2nd Streets...next door to Lil' Frankies. If you've been listening to the show (LISTEN HERE)
You know the psychedelic aural treats that can bedazzle the listener. Our show is from 8-10PM. Remember the two for tennis guarantee: if you bring down your own music to the studio, we will stop everything and put it on immediately. Just the sort of chaps we are. Stay tuned also for the two for tennis freakout, ususally occuring around 9:30 and lasting about 20 minutes....its like gazing into the sun and hearing the angel trumpets sound. Tonight we have alot of new music in the mystery sack... one possible such diddy is this number:

Rolf & Joachim Kuhn and the Mad Rockers - Funny Bird

As solo artists these brothers are prolific, with their roots in free jazz; they created a unique fusion that spawned this ahead of its time track. Utilising electric clarinet and heavy organ in conjunction with innovative arrangements, they shaped what would later be termed Krautrock.

This selection is from THIS amazing record.


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