Wednesday, December 21, 2005

another gift from Asparagus...yes, another!!

First, a tidbit of RED transfer gossip:

n the dance floor, eyeing up the talent, is Benitez, Liverpool's hugely impressive manager. His possible targets include Daniel Agger (Brondby), Nemanja Vidic (Spartak Moscow), and Christian Wilhelmsson (Anderlecht). He understands the inherent perils. "It is difficult to sign in January because the best players are playing in good teams," Benitez observed.

The Spaniard smiled when asked how much homework he did checking into backgrounds. The widening of his lips indicated his research had been thorough into Pepe Reina, Momo Sissoko, Peter Crouch and Bolo Zenden. Good characters all, they arrived last summer and have done well, barring poor Zenden, currently in a Colorado clinic having a knee repaired.

"I knew both Pepe, who is very, very positive, and Momo, who is a good worker," Benitez said. "Bolo has experience of playing over here, he was out of contract and a good option for us. It was easier with Peter because he is English and we were talking about him for three months before the end of the season. But it is not normal for all of your players to do so well so quickly."

Benitez's disappointments so far have been Josemi, Fernando Morientes and Antonio Nunez. Overall and overlooking a bizarre decision not to re-sign Michael Owen, Benitez excels in the market: Xabi Alonso is a joy to watch while Luis Garcia has grown in stature. While acknowledging the dangers of shopping in January, the Kop await their wise leader's next signing with relish.

New York Style football with a military excort. This is one of our mini Nike-sponsored tournaments. Photo curtosy of GERHARD STOCHL


Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I'm off.. happy hoidays all...

I know its been a few days...I've been silently fuming over the 3 disallowed goals in the World Club Championship final. Its a big heap of shit. Going all that way to Japan to get robbed of the only trophy Liverpool has not won. My man Gerry from THIS IS ANFIELD sums it up best.

Now the lads are probably a bit burned out. Looking forward to Rafa bringing in (3) ..i hope...more players. Traore GONE, Pongo LOAN HIM OUT, Kewell SELL SELL. We need another centerback to cover for Sami and Carra, another back (although I'm liking Warnock), and another holding midfielder...Momo needs some time to develop, his passing and timing is shit.

That being said...I look forward to a good crhistmas campaign. starting with Newcastle on Monday. A must win.

My christmas list:

1. Pablo Aimar
2. Stelios Gianakoplos
3. Olaf Mellberg

Its a long flight to Liverpool.

MUSIC MUSIC: I'm off to California for awhile.. See you in the new year. Here is a nice little can can.

Friday, December 16, 2005

1st Annual BROWN CUP football awards.

Asparagus the Archdruid's 1st annual Brown Cup football awards.

Today I present my alternative top 10 European footballers of the year. What a load of balls!! you are saying to yourself right now. Well, your right. I'd be interested to hear what you have to say however. My choices are based on a bit of alternative criteria... Fat twats like Fat Frank Lampard have no place in the brown cup circle.

1. RONNIE FUNNY-MOUTH - Not much argument here. If Barca wern't so promising at the moment, he would surely be in second place. But he is the fucking master. He cant be stopped. But the one thing that CAN stop is his fucking horrendous SHAKA BRA celebration. He looks like a retarded island-dokey that is admiring the good surfing conditions. Come on Ronnie..your better than that.

2. GERRARD - Yes, that is the cup he is hoisting. He is the most complete player on the planet, he scores, plays everywhere, crunches tackles, sprays passes around like a fucking gunslinger, and plays for his hometown club. Probably will go down as the greates Liverpool captain ever... Souness meets Dalglish. Fucking legend.

3. ROONEY - The only think I like about Rooney is that he doesn't give a fuck, and he's from Liverpool (even if a Blue). He is so fucking absurdly talented, that after the world cup, he might move up a notch in the Asparagus Brown Cup world rankings. His touch and instincts are the best I have ever seen and he is about the only thing I feel United have going for them. I'd like to see him go off a bit more though, he's fun to laugh at.

4. TOTTI - Yeah, don't like it? Too list. I laugh at you and I laugh at Christain Poulson. We SPIT ON YOU. In all seriousness, have you see dude play when he is not being a twat? He does things that Ronaldinho might consider attmpting, but no one else. His skill is out of hand, and he keeps the ball in traffic better than anyone. Before you start your bitching, please just watch him a little closer and observe the technic. Maybe you'll learn something.

5. HENRY - There my man is with his hot wife at a Knicks game last year...his courtside tickets were compliment of Jay-Z. What a stallion this man is. I'm a Red, make no mistake, but T.H. is class. When he can be botherd he is the best in the world. I've been to Highburry af few times in the last few years, and was awed in his presense..I admit. He can be a bit of a pussy and jumps over alot of legs to preseve his tender ankles, but he is very very rarely off target. When he gets to Barça, he will absolutely tear new assholes. With all that time afforded him on the ball, he might score 50 goals. Lets see how it plays out.

6. ROBBEN - It pains me so to have anyone in blue on this list, so I will show the man in Orange. Robben is the best dribbler and controller of the ball while at FULL PACE that I have seen in my days. Did Maradona or Gazza run this fast at people with the ball glued to thier feet? Did they fire balls into the box with this sort of absolute precision? Get fucked, the guy is a genius. Holland are my pic for the cup...yessshh..datch wat I schay.

7. SHEVVA - Nice miss douchebag!! No, really thanks. We owe you one. Not sure if we'll get a chance to owe you that one however. Milan are so shit right now they probably wont progress past the next stage. I don't think they are as cohesive as Bayern at the moment. Back to Shevva, he'll make his comeback, he already put in 4 in a game in Istambul to help slay the dragons. On the otherhand, Asparagus could maybe put one one or two past Ferenbache.

8. ADRIANO - He will wear the Brasil #9, because little Robinho is a chump. Adriano has all the Brasil skill plus more power on the shot that, well, than my main man Didi Hamann ( I had to put his name in somewhere ) . I've never seen anyone lash at the ball like Adriano and he is on the Brown Cup list just by the pure balls he plays with. He also scored the winner in the Milan derby last week...and he has the balls to stay at Inter. Respect.

9- LEO MESSI - Yes, he looks like an 80's stoner reject. Yes, he is 18. Yes, his last name is frightfully close to mine. Mark my words, he will be European player of the year within 4 years. He just signed a basically lifelong contract with Barça and they broke thier neck to get him a permanat Spanish visa. They know he is the future world player of the fucking millenium. You just have to watch him play. Its like a video game. You can't get the ball from him, he'll go around you the long way, he'll make you look stupid and just when he obviously will score, he'll dish it off to overrated Eto'o. When he grows up a bit he'll be taking all the glory. You heard it here.

10. BASTIAN DEISLER - Yes! my man! Asparagus loves himself a propper nutter. Deisler is indeed a propper nutter. Why not Ballack at least in the 10 spot? Why?..because I dont like him. I like Deisler, and he has the total game. He goes in very hard, he scores, he passes, he covers ground, and he loses his marbles. I think he will dominate the world cup midfield, I hope England do play German and he seriously maims Fat Lampard. Then Lampard goes off, and Cole comes on, Deisler maims Cole as well. Germany go to 10 men, still beat England in penaltys...Chelsea are left with two critically injured twats, Liverpool win the 06-07 league.

There you have it.


Ok, Ok... to the music. Something epic to fit my epic and undisputable! yes updisputable list!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Minotaur Shock Mix Madness...

No stories or news today...I can't be assed. He is an image of my man Crouchy doing this business earlier today in Japan. We'll play Sao Paulo in the final... big deal.

In other news: Dickhead at Parkhead? wow. He and John Hartson on the same team...shit. Its only a matter of time until Duncan Ferguson joins them.

OK.. Music bonus today. The best mix this year come to us from Dave Edwards, who is no other than the mind behind Minotaur Shock :

Bristol-based multi-instrumentalist/programmer David Edwards, aka Minotaur Shock, creates pretty, folk-tinged electronica along the lines of Four Tet and Boards of Canada. His debut EP, 2000's Bagatelle, was one of the first releases from the U.K. indie electronic imprint Melodic; the following year's Motoring Britain EP and full-length Chiff-Chaffs & Willow Warblers reflected the move from the colder, harder-edged IDM of the '90s to the softer, more organic style of the early 2000s. 2002 saw the release of the Rockpoolin' EP, which introduced a more melodic take on the Minotaur Shock sound, the 2003 compilation Rinse collected Edwards' vinyl-only EPs onto CD. Minotaur Shock moved to 4AD for 2005's Vigo Bay EP and Maritime full-length, both of which were influenced by Edwards' love of the seaside and sleek '80s pop like Steely Dan and Hall & Oates.

This was a mix-promo that was released in VERY LIMITED quantites by his new label 4AD.

Minotaur Shock - 4AD Promo Mix.mp3

Here is the TRACKLISTING, straight from the man himself. Praise be unto him. Enjoy.

> 1 Pulse - Todd Rundgren (Rhino)
> 2 Wake Up - XTC (Virgin)
> 3 The End (edit) - Mouse On Mars (Thrill Jockey)
> 4 The End - Mouse On Mars (Thrill Jockey)
> 5 Making It Pay - Dabrye (Ghostly International)
> 6 The Boy Is Mine (Club Version) - Brandy & Monica (Atlantic)
> 7 Studio 54 Dub - Mad Professor (Ariwa Sounds)
> 8 All Night Long - Mary Jane Girls (Universal)/Transistor - Radian
> (Thrill Jockey)
> 9 Botas de Oro - Terrestre (Static Discos)/Transistor - Radian
(Thrill Jockey)
> 10 AEO (Parts 1 & 2) - Brian Briggs (Bearsville)
> 11 Ave Fifi - Telex (Sire)
> 12 I Need Somebody To Love Tonight - Sylvester (Fantasy)
> 13 Hyperactive! - Thomas Dolby (Manhattan)
> 14 Memory Lane - The Rotary Connection (Cadet)
> 15 Like A Motorway - Saint Etienne (Heavenly)
> 16 Do The Whirlwind (Halma's Remix) - Architecture in Helsinki
> 17 Myopia (edit) - Plaid (Warp)/Blue Bell Knoll (edit) - Cocteau
> (4AD)
> 18 Ghouls n’ Ghosts - Tim Follin (Unknown)
> 19 Bostich - Yello (Do It)
> 20 It's For You - Out Hud (K7)
> 21 The Amusement - Andrew Poppy (ZTT)
> 22 Wordy Rappinghood (Acapella) - Chicks On Speed (Labels)
> 23 Evilos (TM) - Comtron (Black Label)
> 24 Vigo Bay (Club Mix) - Minotaur Shock (Unreleased)
> 25 Robot Rock (Soulwax Remix) - Daft Punk (Virgin)
> 26 Good Life - Inner City (Virgin)
> 27 Boat Music - Jeans Team (Louisville)
> 28 The Red Shoes - Ada (Areal)
> 29 Last Train To Trancentral (LP Mix) - The KLF (Arista)
> 30 Nerves - Metro Area (Environ)
> 31 Down By The Water - PJ Harvey (Island)
> 32 Happiness - Superpitcher (Kompakt)
> 33 Rocking Chair - Dean Friedman (Chiswick)

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Xenu and The Reds

For all that tuned in and showed up to the first annual Two for Tennis Christmas Acid-Ale Fest... many regards. It was a fucking great time. If you missed out, you can hear the ARCHIVED MAGIC > HERE <

I don't think we'll see any scenes like this..but none the less we will be crowned world champions. Nice.

Todays main topic however is Xenu. If any of my dear readers are Scientologists and I offend you... tough shit. This is the most RETARDED thing I have ever heard in my life.

Check out the shit that L. Ron Hubbard dreamed up. I'm sure most of you have seen the epic South Park episode, but just to refresh your memory. READ THIS !!

One of Xenu's sweet space-bound DC-10's. Epic. Another VERY amazing read is the interview with L. Ron Jr., It really deserves a look-see. The kid lays it on the line about his Dad as a bankrupt and abusive hack writer. There are too many good jus READ THE INTERVIEW

If you have tons of time on your hands (as I do) check out this:
L. Ron Hubbard
- videopresentation describing the life of L. Ron Hubbard, about 90 min

Good lord, help us.

OK OK... its the epic music you visit this site for, not here goes:

the Rolling Stones - Sway.mp3
I heard this last night during our post-show piss up...unbeliveable track.

Carousell - A Stone Ploy.mp3
This track comes compliments of my man Richard Skelton. Not only is he a fine chap, he makes some sublimely beatutiful music. Check out his website.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

T for T christmas acid jam...tonight!

First off, good people, check out the URBAN CAT LEAUGE website, they are representing Little Grey and Little Blackie, our resident ferel cats on their front page. If you would like to help or want to adopt these lovely feline males...geeze an email and you'll have yourself a furry little christmas present.

In the absurd world of football. Yesterdays vilian Paolo DiCanio is refusing to apologize for his Nazi salute to the Lazio SS Ultras.
Check out his sublime reasoning HERE

TONIGHT however is the first annual Two For Tennis merry acid christmas jam-bo-ree. Anyone is welcome to come down and frolic with us in our wee studio on 1st avenue. We reckon we are going to parttake in extreme quantities of REAL ALE, and chomp on many a YULE LOG. Tonights in-studio gala will broadcast from 8-10PM EST on the famous Two For Tennis show. LISTEN HERE to all the majik.

Our very own SANTA. Timothy 'leary love' Lee will be hosting this gala event along with the venerable and sublimely gifted, Coach MP Messenie. Bring a chritmas record, or perhaps and acid jam, or an acid laced ham, and share in the glee.

Todays musical Selections are neither acid jams, laced hams, or spiced yams. They are lovely cuts of majesty that somhow remidnd me a a fine Christmas holiday I spent in Hertfordshire:

Lord Mead Lane... as I walked up this snowcoverd lane.. I was listening to a mixed selection, that may have included the folowing:

The Smiths - Oscillate Wildly.mp3

Tosca - Fuck Dub (Shantel rmx).mp3



Monday, December 12, 2005

christmas party head

Go on Nando! Our man Fernando does the stuff for L'pools 7th win in a row. Nice. Good to be looking down on United who made a hash of thier home game against Everton. Poor sods.

Too much Christmas Party majik last night, and my head feels like Christian Vierri's:

That smarts. Inter won the Milan derby 3-2, with Adriano doing the biz to break Rosinerri hearts. In other Serie A news, everyones favorite facist footballer Paolo DiCanio is being fined for yet another Nazi salute to his bum-buddies in the Curva Nord of Rome's olympic stadium.

The SS Lazio Curva Nord... just a fun bunch of lads out for a Sunday. How is this allowed to go on in Italy? Check out this story on Paolo Di Canio it talkes about some of the more recent problems of racism and facism in Italian football. Sepp Blatter, Fifa's president is really not doing shit about it, and I think the only solution to it is to ban players like Di Canio and to absolutly halt and cancel any games with racist chanting? that going too far?.. Maybe the experiment should start in Italy and see what happens.

In more lighthearted is some most lovely music for you:

Friday, December 09, 2005

freakouts and Gazza

So...sacked Kettering manager/legend/greatest player EVER, Paul Gascoigne has been cleared of his assult charge on a camerman. Thank god...the man has been done wrong by. Check out his interview in Guardian's SMALL TALK

After George Best's death, Gazza is sitting atop the lush/legend throne. I cant take the piss howerver, as I feel he is truly the greatest ever. Go ahead and refute that.. we'll have a good little chat about it.

I know this Blog has increasingly been directed at football, and damnit, its going to stay that way. There is too much juicy gossip and legendary lore unfolding all the time. They music will remain epic as Gazza goal in the 1991 FA Cup Semi-Final. Back from a almost career ending knee injury, scored a free kick from maybe 40 yards against rivals Arsenal. In the picture below, that is Gazza in the top left corner...thats the ball in the net.

Gazza can also commit the EPIC foul...Check out the footage HERE

However..the final coup de gras of excellence is the EURO 96 Goal against Scotland... check the evidence HERE.

Todays selection is for my man Paul Gascoigne, and is a first rate freakout jam.

Faust - J'ai mal aux dents.mp3

This is from The Faust Tapes: BUY AT OHTER MUSIC

This was the release that "broke" Faust to a British audience, mostly because of a marketing gimmick whereby the then-infant Virgin label sold it in shops for half a pound. Still, it's no mean feat to sell 50,000 copies of rock this avant-garde, no matter what the cost. A continuous 43-minute piece with about 26 discrete passages (which makes it hell to zero in on a specific bit on CD), it roams from crash'n'mash drums and fierce art rock jamming to rather pretty, if inscrutable, bits of folk-rock and spoken word, with odd shards of melody sticking out like glass in a tire. There are rough reference points to Zappa in the torrid editing and British Canterbury bands in the goofier, more rock-driven parts, but this is even less immediately accessible, taking a few plays to get a grip on, though most pop-oriented listeners won't get that far.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

End of an era, and I laugh.

Dont hang your heads little campers...although useless, your still very very rich. After going one up from a retarded Scholes deflection, United lost 2-1 to Benfica, a team in 6th place in the Portuguese league. Nice. They will miss out on a cool 15 million euro boost for geting into the next stage of the Champions Leauge. To bad they have already accounted for that and are spending on the salaries for players the likes of Ferdinand. Good heavens. There investors as seen below said they won't sack Fergie...but its a matter of time. Its over.

Thumbs up...douchebag.

At least todays musical selection is amazing: Brian Eno/Robert Fripp - Swastika Girls.mp3

From the album Fripp/Eno - No Pussyfooting BUY AT OTHER MUSIC

At the same time Brian Eno was working on Here Come the Warm Jets, he was flexing his experimental muscle with this album of tape delay manipulation recorded with Robert Fripp. In a system later to be dubbed Frippertronics, Eno and Fripp set up two reel-to-reel tape decks that would allow audio elements to be added to a continuing tape loop, building up a dense layer of sound that slowly decayed as it turned around and around the deck's playback head. Fripp later soloed on top of this. No Pussyfooting represents the duo's initial experiments with this system, a side each. "Heavenly Music Corporation" demonstrates the beauty of the setup, with several guitar and synth elements building on top of each other, the music slowly evolving, and Fripp ending the piece with low dive-bombing feedback that swoops over the soundscape, bringing the piece to its conclusion. "Swastika Girls," on the other hand, shows how the system can be abused. With too many disconnected sounds sharing the space, some discordant, some melodic, the resulting work lacks form and structure. Eno and Fripp later refined the system on Evening Star and Eno's solo album Discreet Music. Fripp would take the system and base whole albums and live appearances around it (particularly Let the Power Fall). But it was here on No Pussyfooting where it all started.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

One for Didi

For anyone who watched that horrific match with CHELSEA yesterday can testify that it was an utter waste of time. The only thing worth mentioning was that DIDI HAMANN is hard as nails and took a very nasty tollchocking from Michael Essien (worthless twat):

Didi, natch, shrugged it off like the gangster he is. And ASSien is under investigation by Fifa for the nasty challenge on Dietmar's knee. Regardless, L'pool won the group and will now march through the latter stages to thier 6th European title. Respect.

New Order - Age of Consent.mp3

Those German kids are cookoo for thier Didi

Monday, December 05, 2005

R.I.P - Sam The Ugliest Dog

Hi All. Swell weekend... Red's made it 6 in a row. Expect some Liverpool/Chelsea hype tomorrow..should be a most epic affair. HOWEVER. The ugliest dog in the world, SAM has passed into hell. Poor thing. Check out his WEBSITE and pay your respects. Guess the rarified air of Santa Barbara didn't do ol' Sam much good.

Todays sublime cut of sonic majesty comes from Gary Higgins:

Gary Higgins - Stable the Spuds.mp3

Free-folk enigma Gary Higgins entered the popular consciousness more than three decades after his music career ground to an abrupt halt when the reissue of his 1973 cult classic, Red Hash, became a cause célèbre in the summer of 2005. Born and raised in Sharon, CT, Higgins received his first guitar at age seven, later studying French horn. In his late teens, he found inspiration in the folk revival of the early '60s, and in the wake of the British Invasion, he and schoolmates Dave Beaujon, Jake Bell, Simeon Coxe, and Ronny Baily teamed up in mid-1965 to form a rock & roll outfit dubbed Random Concept. The group soon emerged as a prominent local draw, finding its footing as the house band at a club called the Rumpus Room, but Higgins was forced to resign to attend college. His academic career proved brief, however, and after one semester he returned to Sharon and resumed his bass duties with Random Concept. Soon after the group played its first New York City gig, eventually relocating to Greenwich Village. In time, Higgins, Beaujon, Bell, and keyboardist Terry Fenton grew homesick and returned to Connecticut while Coxe -- assuming the single-word moniker of Simeon -- remained in New York, later forming space rock pioneers the Silver Apples.

Despite remaining rooted in Connecticut, the reincarnated Random Concept continued playing New York, backing singers Gary "U.S." Bonds and Dee Dee Sharp and enjoying a lengthy club residency in Albany. Over time their music grew increasingly psychedelic, and in 1968 Random Concept were tapped as the house band at the Torrington, CT, club the Hukah. Higgins and BellWooden Wheel with singer Paul Tierney and cellist Maureen Wells -- when Random Concept split in mid-1971, Wooden Wheel became their sole musical vehicle. But in October 1972 Higgins was arrested in a drug sting and sentenced to 13 months in prison for selling marijuana, and just days prior to entering jail he called on members of both Random Concept and Wooden Wheel to record an LP. Cut in the space of under 40 hours and released on the tiny Nufusmoon label in an edition of 3,000, Red Hash (a title selected without Higgins' consent) proved a dark yet beautiful song cycle of uncommon depth and urgency. Though well-received by those lucky enough to hear it, the record suffered from limited distribution, zero promotion, and the incarceration of its creator, and soon slipped through the cracks, remaining virtually unknown outside of collector circles. also moonlighted in a psych-folk group called

Following his April 1974 prison release, Higgins attempted to enter mainstream society, taking jobs as a dishwater and waiter. He eventually married and had a son, and in 1982 went to work for the State of New York. He eventually returned to writing and recording, building a home studio and occasionally gigging with local bands, but music remained only a sideline, especially after he became a registered nurse in 1988. Higgins knew nothing about Red Hash's growing collectability and cachet, however, even though by the late '90s original pressings were trading hands for as much as $200 on the Internet. A new generation of psych-folk devotees including Current 93's David Tibet sang its praises, and Ben Chasny even recorded a cover of Higgins' "Thicker Than a Smokey" on the Six Organs of Admittance album School of the Flower, in his liner notes seeking information on its writer's current whereabouts. In late 2004, the Drag City label finally located Higgins, who by now was overseeing community-based residences for Connecticut's mentally challenged. Drag City reissued Red Hash the following summer, and the resulting media blitz made Higgins something of a celebrity. Backed by members of Random Concept, he even played his first-ever solo gig at New York City's Tonic in July 2005.


Friday, December 02, 2005

the heavy heavy, the Soft Machine

THE SOFT MACHINE - Words can not express the epic force that was the early Soft Machine. Absolutely blew doors on their friends and fellow 'Canterbury Sound' co-hurts Pink Floyd. Far too heavy for the mainstream, they didn't quite have a 'hit' but were none the less ravenously followed by the underground. When Robert Wyatt left the group, they got quite too self-endulgent and became really just a pompus jazz group. Wyatt went on to form Matching Mole (absolutely amazing..for another entry), only to be paralyzed from the waist down in an accident, only to continue with an epic solo recording career (also, absurdly good...for another entry) that to this day is as good as ever. See 2002's Cookooland!!

This Recording was taken from one of thier BBC sessions and really captures the essence of the epicness that was the Soft reckon I'm a fan?

Thursday, December 01, 2005

droplets upon your dome

The first time I heard this tune, I was awash in hazy sunshine on the shores of Fire Island. I was pick-nik-ing with the lady and some dear friends...well into 3 or 4 magical joints, belly full of fine wine and cultets of sopressatta. Oh, the halycon days of summer. Content as I was, I layed my head back in the sand only to be washed over by these sublime sounds of Monolake. Always a fan, this song had somehow escaped me. We'll I have tracked it down and, indeed, it is pure bliss. I highly recommend you lie back and flick on a sun-like halogen close your eyes and drift into the sea. Corrr golly, thats nice.

Monolake - Indigo.mp3


On Cinemascope, Monolake (aka Robert Henke) blends the stark sounds of the street with beat-conscious elements, creating a reserved late-night brew of intense minimalism. Short bursts of light break through the dark cracks that underscore the majority of Cinemascope, allowing the largely clipped and clicky beats to comprise the framework of the record. Not unlike Richie Hawtin's later work, Henke utilizes subtractive theory to pull apart regular dancefloor structures into roomy, spacious reconstructions that echo endlessly, reminiscent of the introspective period of early-'90s Detroit techno. Perhaps the perfect record for driving around the city at night, Cinemascope takes in the wonder of architecture, construction, and how people tend to relate to those concepts. Certainly, Henke seems somewhat more closely aligned with his German, minimal-tech colleagues, but he no doubt is in safe territory with Detroit's innovators of the genre. His sometimes spooky and skittery layers of rhythm imitate the clunking and perfect cadence of factory machines in their restless stages. Little melody creeps in, but there's still something pleasant about the work. Perhaps this pleasantness is found in the music's general relaxedness. Nothing ever bubbles over with excitement, but ebbs and flows are still quite visible. And even still, Henke keeps the dancefloor in mind, especially on the track "Remoteable," which is dark and nondescript, held up with constrictive beats and subtle layers of rhythm.