Monday, December 12, 2005

christmas party head

Go on Nando! Our man Fernando does the stuff for L'pools 7th win in a row. Nice. Good to be looking down on United who made a hash of thier home game against Everton. Poor sods.

Too much Christmas Party majik last night, and my head feels like Christian Vierri's:

That smarts. Inter won the Milan derby 3-2, with Adriano doing the biz to break Rosinerri hearts. In other Serie A news, everyones favorite facist footballer Paolo DiCanio is being fined for yet another Nazi salute to his bum-buddies in the Curva Nord of Rome's olympic stadium.

The SS Lazio Curva Nord... just a fun bunch of lads out for a Sunday. How is this allowed to go on in Italy? Check out this story on Paolo Di Canio it talkes about some of the more recent problems of racism and facism in Italian football. Sepp Blatter, Fifa's president is really not doing shit about it, and I think the only solution to it is to ban players like Di Canio and to absolutly halt and cancel any games with racist chanting? that going too far?.. Maybe the experiment should start in Italy and see what happens.

In more lighthearted is some most lovely music for you:


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