Thursday, December 08, 2005

End of an era, and I laugh.

Dont hang your heads little campers...although useless, your still very very rich. After going one up from a retarded Scholes deflection, United lost 2-1 to Benfica, a team in 6th place in the Portuguese league. Nice. They will miss out on a cool 15 million euro boost for geting into the next stage of the Champions Leauge. To bad they have already accounted for that and are spending on the salaries for players the likes of Ferdinand. Good heavens. There investors as seen below said they won't sack Fergie...but its a matter of time. Its over.

Thumbs up...douchebag.

At least todays musical selection is amazing: Brian Eno/Robert Fripp - Swastika Girls.mp3

From the album Fripp/Eno - No Pussyfooting BUY AT OTHER MUSIC

At the same time Brian Eno was working on Here Come the Warm Jets, he was flexing his experimental muscle with this album of tape delay manipulation recorded with Robert Fripp. In a system later to be dubbed Frippertronics, Eno and Fripp set up two reel-to-reel tape decks that would allow audio elements to be added to a continuing tape loop, building up a dense layer of sound that slowly decayed as it turned around and around the deck's playback head. Fripp later soloed on top of this. No Pussyfooting represents the duo's initial experiments with this system, a side each. "Heavenly Music Corporation" demonstrates the beauty of the setup, with several guitar and synth elements building on top of each other, the music slowly evolving, and Fripp ending the piece with low dive-bombing feedback that swoops over the soundscape, bringing the piece to its conclusion. "Swastika Girls," on the other hand, shows how the system can be abused. With too many disconnected sounds sharing the space, some discordant, some melodic, the resulting work lacks form and structure. Eno and Fripp later refined the system on Evening Star and Eno's solo album Discreet Music. Fripp would take the system and base whole albums and live appearances around it (particularly Let the Power Fall). But it was here on No Pussyfooting where it all started.


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