Friday, December 09, 2005

freakouts and Gazza

So...sacked Kettering manager/legend/greatest player EVER, Paul Gascoigne has been cleared of his assult charge on a camerman. Thank god...the man has been done wrong by. Check out his interview in Guardian's SMALL TALK

After George Best's death, Gazza is sitting atop the lush/legend throne. I cant take the piss howerver, as I feel he is truly the greatest ever. Go ahead and refute that.. we'll have a good little chat about it.

I know this Blog has increasingly been directed at football, and damnit, its going to stay that way. There is too much juicy gossip and legendary lore unfolding all the time. They music will remain epic as Gazza goal in the 1991 FA Cup Semi-Final. Back from a almost career ending knee injury, scored a free kick from maybe 40 yards against rivals Arsenal. In the picture below, that is Gazza in the top left corner...thats the ball in the net.

Gazza can also commit the EPIC foul...Check out the footage HERE

However..the final coup de gras of excellence is the EURO 96 Goal against Scotland... check the evidence HERE.

Todays selection is for my man Paul Gascoigne, and is a first rate freakout jam.

Faust - J'ai mal aux dents.mp3

This is from The Faust Tapes: BUY AT OHTER MUSIC

This was the release that "broke" Faust to a British audience, mostly because of a marketing gimmick whereby the then-infant Virgin label sold it in shops for half a pound. Still, it's no mean feat to sell 50,000 copies of rock this avant-garde, no matter what the cost. A continuous 43-minute piece with about 26 discrete passages (which makes it hell to zero in on a specific bit on CD), it roams from crash'n'mash drums and fierce art rock jamming to rather pretty, if inscrutable, bits of folk-rock and spoken word, with odd shards of melody sticking out like glass in a tire. There are rough reference points to Zappa in the torrid editing and British Canterbury bands in the goofier, more rock-driven parts, but this is even less immediately accessible, taking a few plays to get a grip on, though most pop-oriented listeners won't get that far.


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